The Future of Gaming.

The future of gaming as I see it

Gaming, as we know it today is evolving and changing at in incredibly fast rate. With new graphics and software available. The games that are being released have graphics and quality that no one has ever seen before. I think this is happening because the gamers are the ones that are making these games.

Gaming of today is using thumbs, fingers and controllers, but what if we could not make using just the hands and maybe body in the game but your own personality and your own kind of thinking. What if we could create a game that you use your own thoughts and think of the own consequences for actions in the game. So when you start a new game its not you trying to bend and twist the characters looks and personality to be more like you, instead you can be the character from the beginning.

In the future I would like to have a company of my own where producing top quality games and software is our thing. Imagine playing your own game that you created yourself. “I think that would be incredible”. I think it is important for the society of gamers to be creating their own games because they know what other gamers like, if they are the ones testing the games I think they will be seeing the errors and fixing them to what the community would find amazing.

In conclusion I think that there is no limit to the future of gaming and that the only limit is what the gamers decide. In conclusion I hope that new software is keep being produced and that I am leading the charge in bringing out amazing and exciting new adventures for the gaming community to take part in. “Do keep it up all you (High Performance Gamers HPG©).

Recent and Popular Games of 2013

Recent and Popular Games of 2013


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